247taxi Cabs

247 Cabs Nigeria Limited (RC: 1210951) operates the 247TaxiCabs service, as its car rental subsidiary that offers exclusive chauffeur services to various clients, since 2014. We are independent and fully incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As operators in the Hospitality sector, our services were conceived to respond to the specific needs of our clients, in providing round-the-clock transfer services (people or materials) from/in Port-Harcourt to other parts of Nigeria.

As a Business Support function to various clients in Port-Harcourt and its environs, we remain their external logistics department: no wasteful contracts, no wage bills, no commitments! Our services are not random despite our random client base; our drivers are real people and known to us through our extensive KYC programs.

Why Choose Us!

There are too many good reasons to choose our services and we are working hard every day to give you more…


Our vehicles are comfortable for any type of trip. We continuously aiming to increase our fleet of clean and reliable cars, all fit and fine for your traveling needs.

Highly Proffessional Service

Our services come with an awesome quality package which includes professional and certified drivers, roadworthy and well inspected vehicles .

99% client satisfaction

One of our strong points as a company is customer satisfaction. As a means to continually improve our services, we continually review our services based on our customer feedback and experience